Office 365 training on your terms


Our NextGen Office 365 training platform has been coined ‘DiLeap’ short for Digital Leap this platform allows you to unlock and discover all of your Microsoft Office application features and functionality through single sign on using your O365 mailboxes.

Everyone learns differently, and at different speeds. DiLeap Office 365 supports the human side of deployment and delivers adoption solutions that address everyone’s desire to decide how they want to learn.

Why Dileap?

Everything eLearning Cloud LMS
  • Simple login via an Office 365 account

  • Intuitive and engaging platform

  • Unlimited access to training resources

  • Promotes the adoption of Office 365

  • Increases employee productivity

  • Accelerates the return on investment of IT projects

  • Ability to monitor licenses and user activity

  • Personalised services to suit your needs

  • Flexible solutions to align with your project budget

  • Unlimited access to all video resources (1200+ videos and 80 courses)

Accelerate adoption and increase knowledge

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